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Employers Should Be Careful When Asking About Vaccination Status

The COVID-19 vaccine is becoming more available throughout the country, and safety restrictions are becoming relaxed for fully vaccinated people. Some businesses have opted to keep these safety restrictions in place, while others are allowing ...
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Background Check for the Perfect Tenant

How Background Checks Help You Find the Perfect Tenant

As the owner of a rental property, you know that you need a good tenant to ensure your rental property can thrive and be profitable. There are some attributes for a perfect tenant, and you ...
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social media background checks

Social Media Background Checks: A Complicated Subject

Social media is a great way to connect with family and friends and keep up with them even when they are in other parts of the world. It has also given us glimpses into their ...
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Streamline hiring

How Applicant Tracking Systems Streamline Hiring Processes

COVID-19 moved many of us to working from home and pushed more technology into the workspace, including the hiring process. But even before the pandemic, many employers and businesses were already relying on Applicant Tracking ...
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