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Verification Calls

We will start with a simple question about the background screening process. A background screening involves a series of phone calls being made to verify details provided in the application. For Employment we inquire about ...
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Resident Score

What is a Resident Score? The Resident Score analyzes resident records and uses additional rental data tailored for resident screening and rental history. It provides a better analysis of the rental outcome by using a ...
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The Green Report

What is The Green Report? The Green Report provides a detailed, property-specific list of real estate and home improvement incentives available to a property owner. It is designed to inform property owners of incentives they ...
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Fingerprint Vs Multistate Background Check

The answer is simpler than you think. So, let us start with the basics. The FBI Fingerprint data is acquired when someone is or was a federal employee, was naturalized, has provided a military service ...
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