Background Check for the Perfect Tenant

How Background Checks Help You Find the Perfect Tenant

As the owner of a rental property, you know that you need a good tenant to ensure your rental property can thrive and be profitable. There are some attributes for a perfect tenant, and you can find someone who fits the bill through the use of background checks. Here, we will examine some of the qualities of the perfect tenant and how you can find them with background checks.

The Perfect Tenant Pays on Time

To learn if a prospective tenant has a history of paying on time, you can run their credit history with their score. The ideal tenant shows a history with on-time payments, a good credit score of 650 or above, few inquiries, no collections, who they owe, how many creditors they have, etc. They will also give you the contact information from a previous landlord who can confirm that they have a history of paying on time.

A Perfect Tenant is Respectful of the Neighbors

If you have ever lived somewhere that shared walls with the neighbors, you have probably had to deal with noises and smells coming through the walls. While this can be unavoidable to a point, there is a big difference between having thin walls and some sound coming through and having inconsiderate, noisy neighbors.

The tenant you are looking for is considerate of their neighbors and is mindful of keeping their volume down so that they are not irritating their neighbors constantly. If someone says that they are loud, they are willing to problem solve without causing drama.

When ACUTRAQ talks to their previous landlord, we ask if there were any complaints from other tenants about them. You can also have a criminal background screening done for charges related to this, including parties being broken up by the police, noise complaints made to the police, and other charges related to their living situations.

The Best Tenant Takes Care of the Property

A criminal background check is another important thing to include in your tenant screening. Make sure you ask them to list aliases on the screening form since criminal records are saved by full legal name at the time of conviction, not by social security number.

The Dream Tenant Respects Pet Policies

While most pet owners will respect the pet policies of their homes and prevent their animals from destroying things, there is a small group who do not do that. They might have a pet that is a little more rambunctious than they anticipated, like a high-energy puppy. They could allow their cat to climb and scratch the walls and think it is “cute,” or they could just adopt far too many animals, resulting in property damage. They could also just get a pet regardless of your policies because they think that they can keep it hidden from the landlord.

This is another topic to bring up to previous landlords, to get an idea of if you are renting to someone that will respect your policies and not let their animal destroy your property.

Use ACUTRAQ Background Screening, Inc. to provide all these attributes, saving you time and money! Run background checks for free, visit our site today!

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