Landlord, Step 1

Food and shelter. These are the two most basic human needs. One is slightly harder to meet than the other. As long as someone has a job, they can go to the supermarket and get a meal. But what about shelter?
It’s hard enough to decide where to live – what about how it’s going to be paid for? Should it be bought or rented? This is the first question your future tenant has.

You’re a landlord now

Whether you are renting your home as an extra source of income or because you inherited a property, you are bound to understand the toll of renting a home.
Owning a house isn’t for everyone. There are those who can’t afford to purchase one and there are those that simply do not want to stay in one place for too long. Young people prefer to move around the country before they settle. Others decide to travel the world as digital nomads and have no interest in buying a house.
The pool of tenants is vast and never ending, there are some that are looking for a short lease contract of 12 to 18 months and then again there are other that make your rental property their home and will stay there year after year.

So, what’s the issue?

The main issue with investment homes is tenants. Will they pay the rent on time? what if they damage my house? will they respect the neighborhood? etc. So how do you make a good sound decision? Back in the day, you decided who would live in your investment house based on luck and a gut feeling. Of course, there are people that still think that way and base their decision on their gut feeling and ended up losing.

But you’re a landlord now, and you have to start thinking like one. Avoid any unnecessary strains in your life, your investment should be just that, “an investment”. It should bring you financial stability and emotional ease. Don’t let this be you “3 Killed After Rental Disagreement” or anyone you know.

Free background screening companies like Tenant Screening For Landlords, (Powered by ACUTRAQ Background Screening, #1 background screening company for Property Management Companies). Can now make sure you are getting quality tenants – people that pay on time, every time! That way, an investment house is an almost-sure thing that’ll start giving dividends immediately.

Do your research and dare to compare. Let your story be a success story.

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