Multifamily Tenant Screening

multifamily tenant screening

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ACUTRAQ provides multifamily tenant screening for over 500,000 units.

Are you looking for the most innovative solution available? Our multifamily solutions will save time, money, and effort.

  • Screen and review background checks quicker than ever
  • Online applications (available when needed)
  • Applicants apply quickly and easily
  • Capture applicants before your competition does
  • Criminal history is reviewed by ACUTRAQ to reduce false positives
  • Criminal checks comply with HUD guidelines
  • Easy access to Adverse Action Letters
  • Management software integrations
  • Easy to read financial and credit summaries
  • Support team ready to assist – we answer the phone
  • Multifamily Tenant Screening solutions available today

Systems and Solutions for Multifamily Tenant Screening

Multifamily Tenant Screening can be hectic and we understand time is valuable. We provide the tools and support that will help eliminate wasted time. Screening multifamily applicants should be completed quickly and efficiently with data you can count on. With so many options for multifamily tenant screening you need a company that is easy to communicate with. When you call our offices we answer the phones, ready to assist. In the fast paced world we live in applicants must be able to enter their information quickly or they will move on. If your applicants have trouble through the application process they can call our offices for assistance. By using our multifamily tenant screening we can help eliminate distractions that take time away from your daily operations.

Resident selection is the most important responsibilities you have as a rental property owner or manager. Making the right decisions can improve occupancy levels, reduce bad debt and assure compliance with regulations. ACUTRAQ is dedicated to delivering prompt, accurate, high quality and cost efficient screening services on a consistent basis, backed by our excellent customer service. Trans Union credit reports, criminal background searches, sex offender searches and terrorist searches, motor vehicle reports, as well as, other useful reports to give you the crucial information you need to make an informed decision.

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Sample Report – Multifamily Tenant Screening

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Sample - Multifamily Screening Report 1

Sample - Multifamily Screening Report 2

Sample of Online Application – Multifamily Tenant Screening