What is a Credit Profile Number?

The Truth About Credit Profile Numbers

When an individual searches, “What is a Credit Profile Number”?, the first thing they see is the following statement (which is FALSE and illegal by the way):

“A Credit Profile Number is a 9 digit identification number that can be used in lieu of a Social Security Number for credit reporting and other financial purposes, such as applying for a loan.”

Crooks are making a lot of money selling Credit Profile Numbers to criminals, or unsuspecting individuals who were led to believe this is a legal practice. The truth is, you cannot legally use a different number in place of the SSN when applying for a loan, job, or any other document that you are expected to provide a valid Social Security Number. You may be able to get by with this for a short time but by using a CPN you are providing a false identity, and breaking the law! The only legal way to get a Social Security Number is through the Federal Social Security Administration.

Here is an example of what they will say. This is illegal and considered identity theft:

Where do CPN numbers come from?

Credit Profile Numbers can be derived from many different areas, these can be randomly generated or can be stolen Social Security Numbers. When stolen SSN’s are used it is usually from minors (under 18), elderly, or deceased individuals due to these having the least amount of activity.

How Does a Credit Profile Number Work?

There are a number of options when a person purchases a Credit Profile Number. It all comes down to how much are you willing to spend.  A basic CPN with a few false tradelines can be purchased for $100-$150 online. These are easier to catch because in most cases everything is false. But by spending a little more, the seller will mix in new tradelines and information with your existing credit profile. They now have individuals with good credit that will sell you their tradelines to look like your own and include those in your new credit profile number.

Applicants using a Credit Profile Number

This is not legal, it is one thing for a person to co-sign, it is another thing for a person to add fraudulent tradelines to look like their own. This is misleading to creditors and employers, and when caught may face serious criminal charges of identity theft. When you use a different number in place of your Social Security Number, you have just committed a federal crime. The 3 major Credit Bureaus have made statements claiming that Credit Profile Numbers, Credit Privacy Numbers, or any other type of number cannot be used in place of the Social Security Number. If you wanted to withhold your Social Security Number and NOT be labeled a criminal, simply leave the box blank. But as soon as you enter a CPN or any other number the crime has been committed.

How Can a Credit Profile Number Be Stopped?

Prior to a background check, CBSV – Consent Based SSN Verification – from Social Security Administration is recommended. Here’s why:How to stop credit profile numbers

  • Increasing numbers of applicants use fraudulent identities that appear valid
  • Despite legislation, perpetrators easily exploit system vulnerabilities unless you are using CBSV
  • The use of blended identifiers – called Synthetic Identity Theft – will pass through your current processes
  • Your methodologies (credit headers, data algorithms, proprietary databases) are:
    Inherently flawed  /  Have polluted credit profiles  /  Easily manipulated by identity thieves  /  Contain stale data
  • Your company is exposed to potential damage and losses caused by inferior data that you now provide
  • CBSV mitigates the risks of fraud and ID theft by reducing losses, bad and negligent hires, and unauthorized applicants
  • CBSV is virtually 100% accurate matching of Name, SSN, DOB, and Death Indicator to SSA Master File and Death Index

CBSV is valid post-hire and should be run on all current employees to ensure an authorized workforce

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