Alias Names and Criminal Background Checks

There is a common misconception when most people think about background checks. That misconception is that criminal history is stored under a social security number. The reality is criminal history is stored by name and date of birth, not the SSN, Drivers License Number, I.d. Number, or anything like that. People often wonder how criminal history can fall through the cracks, and the answer is a number of ways. But today we will talk about Alias names and how they affect a criminal record search. We will let you in on a little secret, the dangerous criminals know everything we are about to share, and they will use every trick to prevent you from finding their bad criminal record.

With our standard multi state criminal search, ACUTRAQ includes a search for all known alias names and runs background checks on each one at no extra charge. We want to do our part to help you protect your communities and investments.

Helpful Hints When Running Criminal Background Reports


Criminal history when entered is most likely entered under a persons actual name. This means if you know someone by Bob, his actual name could be Robert, or if you know someone by the name Katie, thier actual name could be Katherine, and so on. Someone who is known by a nickname such as this could certainly come up with enough documentation to have I.D.’s and everything they need to operate under a nickname or alias name. By filling out applications under their nickname they are hoping you will not be able to see their criminal history.

Maiden Names and Past Married Names

With criminal history being stored by name and date of birth only, maiden names and past married names play a vital role in finding someone’s criminal history.

For instance, if someone commits a crime and serves a prison term, then at some point after gets married and changes their name, you would need to search the maiden name to find that persons criminal record. Nothing will show up if you only search the new married name. Same with past married names, if a person commits a crime and remarries, you would need to search the previous married name to find the criminal history. By searching the current name only the applicant would appear to have no criminal history.

Misspelling of Name

This is another trick applicants will use to hide criminal history. For instance, if a persons real name is Theresa, they might fill out the application to read, Teresa, they would do this in hopes that you will run the name written on the application and not their real name. Always match up the names with some form of identification and check for misspellings. There are many ways someone can discretely misspell their name, Jerry/Jerri, Philip/Phillip, Jenni/Jenny, and so on.

The misspelling of a name could create huge liabilities, always double check first and last names for correct spelling.

Date of Birth

Many applicants also know by changing their birth date, any part of it, can potentially mislead a criminal background check. Always double check with the proper identification and make sure they haven’t changed the day, month, or year of their birthday on the application.

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