Tenant Screening – How to Get Applicants to Pay

As a landlord, your job is to provide a home to any respectable tenant who meets your requirements. However, when prospective tenants are looking for a home, why should you, the landlord, pay for a screening for someone who may or may not become your tenant? Here is a look at how to get your potential tenants to pay the tenant screening bill.

In all honesty, by having the applicant pay an application fee, they are more likely to wait for an answer rather than go put in applications with other landlords.

Let them know that they want to live in your home and that it is unfair to you if you pay for the screening and they do not become your tenants. Let them know that they are looking for a home and this is simply a part of the cost to do so. Once they have paid the application fee, you as the landlord should initiate the background check process.
It is better you have a company you can rely on to view the information yourself due to the fact that many people could get their own report and alter it to look like they are the model tenant


What You Need to Know About Tenant Screening

Before putting up their house on rent, landlords often screen or evaluate their tenants’ eligibility to move into the rental through a screening process. A screening company is typically hired to decide whether or not the tenants are reliable and trustworthy. These screening companies look into the tenant’s previous rental history, evictions (if any), credit history, criminal background and other court records. The Washington Residential Landlord-Tenant Act has a special section RCW 59.18.257 which emphasizes on the tenant screening procedure. […]