CLIA Waived Tests Are For Home Use

CLIA waived tests are FDA-approved kits easily used and analyzed in a home environment. They come with instructions that should be read and followed thoroughly to eliminate false results. Drug use and diseases can be detected in the privacy the home offers, but it is best to share the results with a physician before self-treating the disease or illness.

Detecting diseases like HIV, diabetes, or some cancers can help save lives. A physician or laboratory can analyze a specimen, but some people like getting results in a more comfortable environment. Home kits are readily available for the self-diagnoser, and the results can then be shared with a professional. Early detection and treatment of a disease can improve quality of life.

Illnesses and infections like bladder and yeast infections can be detected and treated from home without ever visiting a doctor’s office. It is recommended that the first instance of the disease should always be diagnosed by a professional. If the illness continues to worsen, a doctor’s visit may be in order. The quicker treatment is started, the sooner the sufferer can have relief from annoying symptoms.

There are many types of illegal and legal drugs that can have serious effects in the workplace, in the schoolroom, and on the field. CLIA waived tests make it easier to get fast results for any situation. Some people take nasal decongestants, and some popular ones contain a low level of amphetamine that may show up in analysis, so be careful when interpreting results.

While CLIA waived tests are guaranteed to be easy to use, it is important that the person carefully read the instructions and discuss the results with a physician, if applicable. An improperly administered analysis can cause false results that can seriously impact life or health.

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