A Health Test Is Useful To Any Company

Health test are becoming a common pre-employment screening procedure. Once used by only the FBI and for physically taxing careers, it is now being practiced by most employers. Just like companies require drug exams for potential employees, this type of screening insures an applicant is capable of handling the stresses of a job without putting co-workers at risk.

There are several varieties of health test an applicant can undergo. Depending on the job requirement and work environment, the evaluation can differ.  Some employers only ask for a medical history survey to be completed as part of the application process.  This attempts to categorize the applicants who are at risk. In addition to the wellness questionnaire, the most common assessment is a pre-employment physical examination. This can cover both bodily and mental functions. The physical frequently consists of a thorough check of the musculoskeletal system, a charting of the vital signs and a vision and hearing assessment. Further analysis may be required – for example, if there is a possibility of working with protective equipment, a pulmonary exam may be ordered.

This process is also used in the workplace after employment. Companies are starting to require employees to repeat the screening at regular intervals after being hired. This has nothing to do with the annual performance review, and is used to ensure how working conditions may be affecting physical and mental well-being. Upon receiving the results, a company is obligated to adjust working conditions to reduce the risk the job has on the employee’s health. By following this procedure, employers also reduce the cost of the coverage it pays toward medical insurance benefits. Overall, the goal of health test is to keep the company producing as efficiently as possible and to create a stable and safe work environment for the employee.

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