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Most people think background screening is easy, but in reality there is so much information out there it’s hard for Pet Sitters to  know what they can legally use and where to find the proper information when conducting a background check.

There are a number of places to get criminal history. If someone had a bottomless budget for background checks we would recommend they run all the counties lived and worked for 7 years, a Federal Search, State Criminal Search, Municipal/District Search, and a Multi-state Criminal search. That would be the best case scenario. But very few companies have the budget to spend $100+ on each background check. Criminal history being split up between all these different courts is why it’s hard to conduct background checks properly.

The other thing we take into consideration is that each state and county operate a little different, below are some explanations of each division:

The Municipal Courts are responsible for misdemeanor traffic, parking and some criminal offenses; as well as code violations for health, fire, animal, and zoning violations.

The County Courts commonly prosecute misdemeanors and felonies. County records will hold the final disposition in which the judge signed off on. This tells us if the record is sealed, expunged, dismissed, or if it was an actual conviction.  Some counties throughout the United States also have a “County Court Access Fee”. Other companies typically mark this fee up, ACUTRAQ does not, we simply pass this fee through at the price we are charged.

Federal Courts typically prosecute embezzlement and other white collar crimes, kidnapping, trafficking humans or drug trafficking across state lines, bank robberies, and an array of other crimes can be tried in federal court.

Multi-state Databases typically try to extract data from county courts, but the databases are so large they can often have wrong or outdated information which is why it is crucial to verify any records from a multi state or “national” database before using that information for hiring or denying employment.

We keep your budget in mind and recommend packages that will help protect your livelihood in the event that an employee commits a crime or heinous act while working as a pet sitter. When negligent hiring suits come up they want to know what background check was conducted and if this person was deemed safe at the time of hire. By showing the proper amount of due diligence you can help protect your business and your clients.

No Set Up Fee, No Monthly Minimums

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Recommended Package:

• 7 Year County Search For All Counties Lived

• Federal Criminal Search

Crimes against animals across state lines, Bank Robbery, Embezzlement, Kidnapping, Trafficking Drugs, guns, humans Etc.

• County Criminal Search (County of Residence)

Searches applicants county of residence for criminal history.

Multi State Criminal Search

Searches one of largest known databases; compare today

50 State Sex Offender Registry

True 50 state search; Puerto Rico and Guam also included

Social Security Trace

10 years of residence history, year and state issued

All Alias Names

Searched through Multi State Criminal and Sex Offender –i.e. “Bill” for William, Maiden names, etc.

• National and International Terrorist Watchlist

OFAC, DEA, FBI Watchlist and Most Wanted, CIA, Interpol, and much more. (full list upon request)

Verify Positive Multistate Database Hits at County Level (unlimited)

(24 – 48hr Turnaround on County Searches)

**When used for Pre-Employment all Positive hits must be verified at County in which offense occurred.*County fee varies by courthouse


Our Mission is to provide our communities with the safest environment in which to live, work
and play so every individual can obtain the most out of life.  We provide background screening
solutions and build ongoing relationships, while paying attention to detail.  Dedicated to
delivering prompt, accurate, high quality and effective services on a consistent basis, forever
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