Why An Employee Background Check Is Important

It’s always in the best interest of a business owner to gather as much information beforehand from a potential candidate through the interview process and an employee background check. This is to protect the business and its workers, and the information gathered can vary in amount and depth, depending on what the position is calling for.

Several federal laws dictate what is acceptable for companies to look at when screening any potential candidates, and several state laws further protect individuals from any discrimination. The most common of which is the individual’s criminal history, if any. This includes cross-referencing the candidate’s fingerprint against the national FBI fingerprint database to reveal any past offenses that may not jive well with the company’s line of work. An employee background check can also include a polygraph test, though only in rare instances. Most companies are barred from utilizing this type of screening, though certain types of positions that involve security and high-ranking responsibilities may include it.

A lot of jobs will delve into the individual’s medical records, but only in an effort to substantiate the person’s ability to physically perform the tasks of the job, as discriminating against disabled persons is illegal due to the Americans with Disabilities Act. Other facets of a screening can include similar information, such as an individual’s school records. This is almost always in conjunction with the person’s consent, as most institutions will not release private information without the request or consent of the past student. Bankruptcy is a comparable piece of data, as it can be requested by the company, but they are unable to discriminate based on that information alone.

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