Employee Drug Screening in Northwest Arkansas

The key to a successful program regarding employee drug screening in Northwest Arkansas is to have clear policies. Carefully craft your policies and you will protect yourself, your company, your customers, and clients. Many businesses find that effective employee drug screening in Northwest Arkansas help make their business stronger.

In deciding what to include in your drug screening policies, carefully consider all aspects and cover all your bases to protect both yourself and your employees. Consider these things in establishing (or updating) your employee drug screening in northwest Arkansas.

Policies should include information for the occasions that will require testing. For example, many businesses require screening before hiring, possibly randomly throughout employment, and under circumstances when there is cause for suspicion. These circumstances may include odd behavior, accidents on the job, or other times there may be a cause for testing for drugs.

To cover yourself, it may be best to test all employees. If only some employees need to be tested, it is essential to make it as non-biased as possible. For example, maybe only certain positions need to be tested, but it is important that all in those positions actually be tested.

For the most successful employee drug screening in Northwest Arkansas, have your policies clearly written and presented to all potential and existing employees. Have each employee read the policy and sign a document showing they have received and understand the policy.

Be sure to include in your policies the consequences for employees who test positive for the presence of drugs or refusal to be screened. If termination is the only possible consequence, make sure employees know this before ever testing. It may even be a good idea to have them sign something before each test showing they understand the results of a “positive” test.

One of the most important issues to consider when making your policies for employee drug screening in Northwest Arkansas is confidentiality. Negligence in this area may be the quickest way to land your business on the losing end of any number of lawsuits. It is essential to provide the appropriate documentation for your employees to give consent to the testing lab to release the results to your business. Protect your employees’ results and handle any resulting disciplinary actions carefully and strictly by policy.

Having carefully designed policies for employee drug screening in northwest Arkansas can help your business flourish.

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